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Serious. Barbecue.

LeBron James does basketball. Paul McCartney does music.


And just like them, we do it because we love it, but also just like them we take it seriously. After competing nationally for more than 30 years, we opened our doors to the public in 2007. From the beginning you've told us over and over, "This is a completely different experience." Well, that's no accident. In North Little Rock, you'll see the owners, boots on the ground, EVERY DAY to make sure it never stops feeling that way. We still use the original sauces and recipes. We offer a sensational dry-rubbed rib daily, and beef ribs every Tuesday. Our meat is meticulously hand-rubbed, cured and slow-smoked - seriously.

It's also no mistake that you continue to see the same faces here, these faces - day after day, year after year. We all love what we do; and we genuinely like one another. We cook and serve with style, character and passion. We're a unique culture here, a family. We believe in 4 "R's": Respect, Responsiveness, Responsibility and Resilience. Our family attitude extends to you, our customers, as well as our vendor partners and the community partners we routinely support - schools, military organizations, charities, festivals and benefits of every strip. Giving back is why we're here. Giving back is who we are. Smoking real, unpolished, authentic barbecue every day is just what we do. And, you guessed it, we take that very seriously.

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So, we have a lot of fans of our nine different sauces (six on the table, and Volcano, White Gold, and The Shack Sauce at the counter). But, by far the most enthusiastic fans are the fans of our Number Six, our mustard-based sauce.

Courtesy of our good friend, customer, and State Representitive, Carlton Wing, you never know where it's going to show up. Thanks, Carlton. Got a fun pic of your favorite? Send it in to: info@wholehogcafenlr.com for a chance to win a six-pack with your choice of sauces.



Do you 'Que?

These wonderful people do!

Check out some action shots of people enjoying good food and having a grand time in our photo gallery here.

Want to be featured? Send us some pictures at info@wholehogcafenlr.com.com and maybe you'll end up on the site.



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