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Dry Rub Ribs are Here to Stay

Well, the verdict is in – swift and definitive – the new(ish) dry-rubbed baby back ribs from Whole Hog North are officially more popular than our traditional, glazed ribs. Of course, we personally like them both, but our customers continue to rave about and order the dry-rubbed ribs.

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Whole Hog North Little Rock has Beef Ribs!

If you’re a lover of all things BBQ you have got to check out our big, juicy barbecued beef ribs. We’re talking Fred Flintstone big here. In fact, they are so big that some people can’t even finish just one rib.

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Have a Brew with your BBQ

Barbecue and Beer – what a perfect combination. And we LOVE to talk about both.

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Ask the Owner: Why the Barbecue Business?

The owner of Whole Hog Cafe North Little Rock, Rich Cosgrove, answers a question he's frequently asked: Why did you get into the barbeque business?

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Catering for Everyone

Whole Hog Cafe NLR caters for more than 2,300 groups a year. We offer catering for groups of all sizes, catering on short notice, and will even provide setup service at your desired location.

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We have a lot of fans of our nine different sauces (six on the table, plus Volcano, White Gold, and The Shack Sauce at the counter), but by far the most enthusiastic fans are those of Number Six, our mustard-based sauce.

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Do you 'Que?

These wonderful people do!

Check out some action shots of people enjoying good food and having a grand time in our photo gallery here.

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Yep, we cater all size events

People sometimes ask us: "Do you cater?". Well, um, yes, yes we do - LOTS AND LOTS.

We cater probably 6 or 7 jobs daily - all different sizes, delivery or full-service. And we make it easy!

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Ever wanted to get up in our business?

If you've ever wondered what it's like being Rich, now is your chance to find out! Rich Cosgrove was recently a guest on the Up In Your Business radio show. You can listen to Rich talk all about the hows and whys of his career in barbecue and beyond.  

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