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Unsung Heroes: Pork Loin

The photo pretty much speaks for itself, but our fork-tender pork loin is one of the great unsung heroes at Whole Hog North Little Rock.

We start with premium loin (the choicest cut of almost all meats), then season it with our own proprietary rub – a rub we use ONLY on the pork loin. Then we wrap it tightly to seal in the juices and let cure and marinate for several days.

When pitmaster Rozchea Butler deems the meat is ready to smoke, we slow smoke it over pecan wood until the internal temperature is just right, and the meat is pink and juicy. Lastly, we leave it wrapped at 140 degrees UNTIL YOU ORDER. Then we slice it up just for you.

Try it alone, on a bun with some coleslaw, over nachos, OR make it a Paleo Plate and have it over one of our fresh and delicious salads. You can also buy our pork loin in bulk, at just $11.99 per pound. Bon Apetit!

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