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Whole Hog Cafe NLR takes pride in serving 100% in house recipes. Once you walk in the door be prepared to eat all homemade plates, with the exception of a complimentary dog bone if you eat outside on the patio with your pup (don't deprive your pet of the ultimate Whole Hog Cafe experience).


Pulled Pork

regular- $5.99/ jumbo- $7.75

dry rubbed with our World Champion Spices & smoked to perfection

Beef Brisket

regular- $8.75/ jumbo- $10.99

our fork-tender beef takes 3 days to prepare

Pulled Chicken

regular- $5.75/ jumbo- $7.49

juicy lean smoked chicken

Pork Loin

regular- $6.75/ jumbo- $8.49

melt in your mouth pork loin

Piglet Plate

kids meal - $5.99   

includes choice of pulled pork or chicken, 2 rolls, chips, and a 12 oz. drink


Whole Hog Plates

includes world champion recipe smoked meat 2 side orders and dinner roll, or make it a sandwich with coleslaw & a bun for 49¢


4 bones- $10.75/ half slab- $13.49/ full slab $22.49

Pulled Pork 

regular- $8.49/ jumbo- $9.75

Beef Brisket

regular- $11.49/ jumbo- $13.75

Beef/Pork Combo



half chicken- $8.99/ pulled- $9.25

Pork Loin 

regular- $9.49/ jumbo- $11.49

Smoked Sausage



Whole Hog Specialties


regular- $4.25

add pork- $3.49/ chicken- $3.49/ beef- $6.99

Loaded Baked Potato

regular- $4.99

add pork- $3.49/ chicken- $3.49/ beef- $6.99

Whole Hog Platter


pulled pork, beef brisket, baby back ribs (3 bones), potato salad, coleslaw and a dinner roll


Buddy Paks (feed a lotta people)

Buddy Paks are to-go only. Paper and plastic are available upon request.

Whole Hog Buddy Pak #1

Serves 4- pork, beef or chicken - $34.99

1 pound, 4 buns, half pint of sauce, 1 pint each of: beans, coleslaw & potato salad 

Whole Hog Buddy Pak #2

Serves 8- pork, beef or chicken - $64.99

2 pounds, 8 buns, 1 pint of sauce, 1 quart each of: beans, coleslaw & potato salad 

Whole Hog Buddy Pak #16

Serves 16- pork, beef or chicken - $124.99

4 pounds, 16 buns, 1 quart of sauce, 2 quarts each of: beans, coleslaw, potato salad

Whole Hog Buddy Pak #32

Serves 32- pork, beef or chicken - $240.99

8 pounds, 32 buns, 2 quarts of sauce, 4 quarts each of: beans, coleslaw, potato salad


Whole Hog Salads

Garden Salad- $4.99

crispy romaine, field greens and spinach with matchstick carrots and grape tomatoes

add pork- $3.39/ add chicken- $3.39/ add beef- $6.99



includes your choice of dressing: ranch, blue cheese, honey mustard, thousand island, fat free ranch, italian, raspberry vinaigrette, fat free vinaigrette and balsamic vinaigrette

extra dressing and sauce- 49¢


Whole Hog Side Orders

potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, tossed salad, fruit salad, chips, or a brownie - $1.89


Soup du Hog

Monday: Gumbo

Tuesday: Potato Bacon

Wednesday: Gumbo

Thursday: Candymen's Choice

Friday: Baja Chicken

Saturday: Chili 



Sauce #1

sweet, mild, molasses

Sauce #2

traditional tomato, vinegar; slightly tangy

Sauce #3

same as No. 2, but much spicier


traditional southern vinegar & spice

Sauce #5

sweet, heavy, molasses

Sauce #6

rich mustard & vinegar, an Old South favorite

Sauce #9

"volcano" HOTHOTHOT (available at the counter for those who dare)

Bulk Meats & Sauces

Pulled Pork

$10.99 per pound

Beef Brisket

$18.99 per pound

Pulled Chicken

$11.25 per pound


half $6.49/ whole (2 halves) $11.99

Pork Loin

$11.99 per pound 

Baby Back Ribs

4 bones $6.99/ half slab- $9.99/ full slab- $19.99


$11.49 per pound

Sauces & Sides

half pint- $3.49/ pint- $5.99/ quart- $10.99/ gallon- $31.99



Soft Drinks/Lemonade - $2.19

with free refills

Fresh Brewed Community Tea - $2.19

with free refills

Various Beer & Wine

plenty of great local beer and some classic favorites


**Add a 2 bone rib to any order for $3.00!

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